Well...sounds creepy actually since it contains "demon" which refers to bad meanings. But don't worry people, it's just a hidden name. Anyway, thank you for visiting DemonD.

DemonD debut was in July 2009. Based on neither HTML nor CSS skills, it was just born without any preparation. Bare hands drawing and a bit of photoshop skill are the last options to do the design. Some butterflies which came from nowhere just flew near my drawings and accidentally I just hit them!! But eventually I let them sticked there since I found it quite nice (you are really a demon, indeed =="). Thanks to those butterflies, the design was finished well.

It's is not about a personality or something specific. It's a site to keep some hobbies of mine and share with other people (meet new friends also). Hobbies? yes...Indeed, a lot of things I like to do but 24 hours in a day is just not enough. Gaming, drawing, watching movie (anime as well) and not forget to mention that I'm also a manga and football lover. I do follow football news everyday since I watched the my  first football match on my SONY 22" screen back at home. More or less, there is nothing special about me, it's just DemonD...Keep on visiting DemonD and enjoy it.

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