What a day it is. My work is absolutely tiring me. As I try to get some rest, but I just remember about "the girl" which I start drawing it from 9 PM. However, as soon as I started it I fell into the new game from my sister. Keeping on playing while looking at the clock kept on ticking as well just make me worry about "the girl" which I haven't finished yet. 11 PM, finally I can stop my desire to continue the game (it was damn fun!! =.=) and absolutely what I do is going to reach my "PILOT COLOR ENO 0.7" and try to continue finishing "the girl". Just 5 minutes before 08/07/09, it's done!! This one is tough as the background is damn black, but it's quite a challenge as it's the first black-background drawing in the gallery. Last but not the least, this day ends up with this short post which is post at 00.24 AM 08/07/09. Anyway, for who still manages to read this at this time, GOOD NITE!!

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