This is the real passion of footballers. When they fall so deep in the first half, they know something is not right and they gotta do something about it in order to get up and try to win the match. This is what AS Roma had done last night in Stadio Olimpico Roma. Going down by 2-0 in the first had certainly crashed the whole team's mentally. Despite of thinking about giving up the game, they gave their all for a chance to reopen the game as that was the crucial game to have their way to the last 16. What an unfortunate moment that I couldn't watch it live because of the heavy duties along with a test, project, and reports. Anyway, turning a deficit of 2 goals is certainly a miraculous thing. More over it was "The Bavarian" we are talking about. Even though they have not done so good in Bundesliga, but they are still the biggest team in Germany.

     Anyway, the one to be proud of is the Frenchman, Jeremy Menez, which had been outstanding recently. He has started to get into his best form match by match. The credit also goes to Marco Borriello that had scored an unorthodox finish in the game. Regardless of everything, Roma is getting better and better now compared to the disastrous opening in Serie A. Hopefully this team will get some silverwares this season. Foza Roma!!!