Busy, busy, and busy. That's what happen during the whole week. Despite of the fun of joining Aikido where we almost threw up on the first day. We are the juniors and have no experience at all. Yet, we were expected to do a lot of movement that led to body ache. The warm up was already heavy enough to suck our stamina and when it came for the rolling part, we were half dead. Head ache and felt like vomiting. That was what we felt...LOL... Anyway, partially is because we just ate half an hour ago before the class started. So, the food was going up to our throat as we rolled back and forth. The next time, I guess it won't happen again...hopefully.

     Progress on the project is still considered to be going well and on the right direction. Despite of many difficulties that appear as we switch from one step to another, it is actually kinda fun. Well, most of the thing happen in the project this week is about angle and workspace. Only a few more solutions that we need to get it right there. However, things are just getting more and more difficult. Seems that more effort is necessary here. Hopefully it will come to an end...and very soon.