Well, this is the first since almost half a year. This is bad and this is quite bad actually. LOL...There is a lot of time for this and that and everything demands to be the first. That's why there is no time for this one anymore. Sorry, now is the best time to fill this empty space again before a crazy time of university starts to be like a hell once again,,,lol,,, Well, how should I start it? There are things from here to there and this to that. Some are quite hard to explain as well (-_-"" what??). Well, to make it easier I will separate them into several stories but just a short one for each and maybe I need to put a title for each (-_-? that's weird).

Another Season Has Ended

    Yeah, that was another season and that was a bad one actually, things didn't go so well and this and that were bad...lol...and the result? Unfortunately the expected one is unlucky and fortunately the unexpected one is lucky. Sounds confusing is it? Yeah it is, but digest it slowly and you will get what I mean by that sentence...LOL...But there was some good moment as well when you hit the limit when everything went so wrong. Going stress, mad and finally blind. Those things certainly come first but after that when things slowly getting better and the stress was released (although not all), it was a really beautiful time to relax for a while...lol. That was what I can describe for one hell season of studying. It probably sounded so bad but indeed that was the worst I think,,,lol,,,


    It was never like a holiday this time. Sigh. However, there was nothing to blame on actually...lol. It was just a small accident from the past that caused a crack in my meniscus. I never discovered it but I actually knew there was something wrong and it had to undergo a surgery and at the end the doctor helped to clarify everything. It was because of that surgery so that I had to rest for a month (damn it -_-) and couldn't do sport for half a year (wtf O.o). I actually planned to play badminton and joined the futsal competition on this holiday time but..sigh...hell no...it was over just like that. (what a pity guy -_-). Well, sadly I couldn't do anything but to follow what the doctor suggested then. Take a full rest everyday and finally go for the therapy, those two activities were wasting time. I mean it wasted really a lot of time (-_- I know I know). Well, I couldn't be more stupid if I just took a rest everyday and sat like President Roosevelt statue in Night at The Museum. It was like a time for revenge when I took my laptop and downloaded all the nice games and movies. Yeah,,I killed my time by watching and playing all the new movies and games...lol...smart enough for a temporary disabled person like me (-_-"). Anyway, that part was quite a good experience actually, especially because it didn't happen everyday or every month (just hope it don't stupid O.o).

Here is The Nice Part

    After the therapy everything had been under control now. Everything was almost back to normal and it was time to travel (finally >,<). Well, it was not a far place and not a new place for me. It just that I had my complete family to travel with. Parents are always the special one right? lol...that was quite right. Last time was different because my parents were not with me but this time they were here. That was really a tiring time when we had to walk here and there to take a bus or train but at the end of the day it was always fun but really tiring. Although it was only for several days but that was good, at least for not a really good time like this (surgery problem again -_-""").

A New Season?

    It was so fast, wasn't it? I mean the time..lol...sigh..yes,a new season had started for almost a week and there was no any preparation for it yet. But, it is too late now...lol...the gate has been opened and I'm forced to go inside and mix with others. Well, looking at the feng shui for this time, it will be crazily tough I think since I have to meet a professor which can barely remember a student's name every week (is it that bad O.o??) Moreover I was almost killed by him last time, but I hope he won't remember at least my face and I wish he will never remember it so that I can always escape from him...lol..(damn you ~,~). Anyway,  hopefully this season will be much better than the previous one although this one is guaranteed to be much more than hell as well. lol,,,
    That's all I can tell, for the rest and for the many unknown things that you are wondering...I can't tell more than that because of some reasons. :) Anyway I will try to have more time to fill this empty space on the new page again and of course my gallery (if you can -_-"") and one more last thing, I will not update the manga that I'm following anymore since my favourite manga website has stopped posting new chapter of all comics so sorry about that...:)