What a game from AS Roma as they have just beaten the leagues leader in Serie A, Inter Milan. It is so unbelievable exciting when you watch your team win the biggest match. Yes, this game will probably be the best game of the year in Serie A!! LOL What a match!! Now the gap between the top two teams is only 1 point. Although Inter is still leading at the moment but 1 point is nothing as there are 7 games left only for this season.
     No one will bet their whole bunch of money for AS Roma after seeing the first two matches in this season as they lost heavily to their opponents. Besides that, they had lost 5 matches in just 10 games and they were forced to stay near the red zone (last 3 teams in the rank). That was probably the end of their scudetto (the Italian football champions) hunt for this season. However, Ranieri, the coach, has brought them back alive once again and it's hard to believe that they are the top contender of the scudetto now...LOL...It's such an amazing view in the current standings as they sit nicely on the second place...LOL...By winning this game against Inter, the chance to win the scudetto is in front of their eyes now.
     Hopefully they can maintain their good performance until the end of the season because this will be the first time for me to see my favourite team wins the title...LOL...I have been one of their fanatics fans since 2001!! One decade is such a long time and it's very near now for the first time,,,lol...As their il capitano Francesco Totti said, "Professionalism, passion, technique and heart". These are the things they need to win. Here is the highlight of this scudetto showdown against Inter. Enjoy...:) Forza Roma!!!