Busy, busy, and busy. That's what happen during the whole week. Despite of the fun of joining Aikido where we almost threw up on the first day. We are the juniors and have no experience at all. Yet, we were expected to do a lot of movement that led to body ache. The warm up was already heavy enough to suck our stamina and when it came for the rolling part, we were half dead. Head ache and felt like vomiting. That was what we felt...LOL... Anyway, partially is because we just ate half an hour ago before the class started. So, the food was going up to our throat as we rolled back and forth. The next time, I guess it won't happen again...hopefully.

     Progress on the project is still considered to be going well and on the right direction. Despite of many difficulties that appear as we switch from one step to another, it is actually kinda fun. Well, most of the thing happen in the project this week is about angle and workspace. Only a few more solutions that we need to get it right there. However, things are just getting more and more difficult. Seems that more effort is necessary here. Hopefully it will come to an end...and very soon.

     This is a very late one. Well...can't be blamed because of business in this week. Progressing with a lot of calculation which are almost 15 pages in total with three different methods. The first method is done quite easily because it's something that I'm familiar with already. Whereas the second is referred to other people's method. It is in fact an interesting one but it took me sometime to figure out how it actually works. Lastly is the third one, given by my own supervisor. "I use this during my Ph.D" that's what he told me...lol... It's cool and very interesting but somehow there is something missing when I go with that approach. At the end just can't get the solution and that's boring. But no worries! There is backup from the previous method that I had done before. It actually gives some convincing solution. It's not 100% confirmed yet due to lack of graphical simulation but soon I will find it out.

     Just unlucky that the Solidworks went crazy, otherwise things will be easier by now. This morning this laptop had just been formatted again to get rid of the mess up registry in the previous one. Hopefully with this new 64bit, things will get better. Further suspension in the work will give more headache and tension in a few coming weeks. As week 7 is approaching, it will be a heavy duty weeks from now. Gotta be steady and keep on working hard.

    The busy time is starting. Second week is progressing with full literature review about the project. A lot of information has been gathered so far but may be still not enough yet. While the project is progressing, other assignments from other subjects are given as well. One of them has been given the due date and hopefully will be finished on time. Maybe not on time but earlier is better...lol...

    So far everything still looks good and under control. Even though it is not really that busy yet but it is better to do things faster. However, while the spirit is so encouraging the laziness is there as well (can't be avoided). When the times come to do the work, the word "dizzy" comes to disturb...XD... That often happens actually. Maybe more coffee will help a little bit this time. Well...continue with the work now...

     Another new semester has begun and it's the end of the first week. There are a lot of things to do for now as it's approaching the end of the four years "unbelievable" journey of life. Nevertheless, it's the beginning of fourth year and the game has just been started.

it's about the beginning...
it's about the effort...
and it's about the result...

     Those are crucial words embedded in mind starting from the first week. First three weeks will be the beginning, last week will be about the result, and in between is about how much effort that have to be poured. There is no guess or prediction but one certain thing, it's a DO or DIE stuff. Maybe it sounds over-exaggerated but it's a yes that it is too important to be abandoned.

     Anyway, that is all about the aim for the final year project. It may look to be a difficult or may be a super tough one but there is no turning back anymore. It had been chosen last week and it's on the shoulder now to be carried for a year. Well, what is the project about then? It's called a Parallel Manipulator Robot and the chosen one is a delta type. It's better not to explain what that thing is about because it will take a lot of lines to write.

     The other subjects are kinda okay including two about programming stuffs which will definitely be very time-consuming. Another thing for concern is an extra project which has to be done by the end of this year because it will split my concentration. When it's finished, the full concentration is pointed to the final year project for the last semester. It's a guarantee that there will be a lot of stressful day ahead. Yet, there must be days to have fun and enjoy in between as well...LOL... This special journey will be updated weekly as it's an important period in life. So, here will be the record for a year ahead. Anyway, the story will end here because tonight is the first kick-off for AS Roma and there is no way to miss it...LOL...

    I have been waiting for 3 weeks just to get this thing done...lol...My timetable!! There was a bit problem at the beginning of the new semester as I had a clash between 2 subjects. So I went to amend 1 of the subjects and yet I checked the wrong time for that particular subject. Unfortunately that I directly submitted it as soon as I finished filling the form. After a few days only I realized this thing and as soon as I got the response from the staff, I instantly made another amendment once again. The officer must have thought that I was doing this for fun or what XD.

    Anyway, after filling another amendment form I was so relieved. I wait for 3 days. Another 3 days. Eventually another 1 week!! Why I don't see any changes in my subject list. Then I went to the office to find the one who is in charge for this. After that, they found out that I had filled the wrong column in the form!!! LOL..Instead of filling the "Subjects to withdrawn" column, I filled "Subjects to add" column. That was unbelievably true. Eventually, the hardest part is that I was asked to write a letter for my lecturer and the subject convenor for this problem. I was lucky enough not to get scolded by them. Anyway, that is a good lesson. As everything is at the right path now, the time for this season is settled as well...lol...


    This is a project from my lecturer. Robotics System Design is the name of this subject. Sounds like a tough one right? lol...The aim of this project is to redesign a product that will be assembled by a robotic arm. It's a group work actually and my part is to redesign the product and choose the suitable robotic arm for the assembly operation. Now, the process of redesign will begin and I will update the result every time each part is finished...lol... Let the game begin. (10:15 PM).
* The first part is done. It is for the base. There are two more holes actually but it's kinda hard to measure the precise location without other part. So I will come back later for that. Moving on to the next part. (10:33 PM).

* Heat sink. This one is kinda difficult due to the strange shape...lol...but still it's not a real deal at the moment. The hard part is on the next one. It is the real challenge for that part. (10:50 PM).

* It takes quite a long time. It's kinda hard to measure the precise size actually...lol...(listening to: Lazy Song-Bruno Mars) This one is the bracket for the fan. The blades come after this. (12:10 AM).

* There is the crazy blades.By looking at the shape you know how hard to draw this thing. Anyway, all the hard parts are done smoothly and so far everything is so good. Moving on to the last part. (12:32 AM).

* And last but not the least. The most important part is the pin. Without this small thing the whole thing just can't be assembled together. This is the last component and the final step is to combine everything. (1:13 AM).

* Almost forget about this one. The MCU for the brain. The smallest part but the most important one to remember. (1:22 AM).

    And below is the image of the final assembly of all the parts above. Before that there are several adjustment and a bit of modification for the heat sink to align the hole with the other parts. It looks kinda nice after the assembly. Anyway, It's time to close down this case and take a rest as it has been 1:40 AM now. Until then. (1:41 AM).
    This is the very first story after a while. Yet, in this new season I expect to have more time to write something here :p. Anyway, another new semester has begun. It's the third week now and it's almost over. This is only the first week for me since I miss the first two weeks due to some job. So, there is a lot to catch up and because the study time has been reduced to twelve weeks "only" in this semester, rush hour is required at this moment...LOL...

     So, what are the interesting stories to tell here? Hhmmm...There are a lot to tell actually but let's keep it short...

Last Semester?
    The result is not as good as expected but has been anticipated very well...lol...The possibility of getting that result has been in my mind before the exam because the motivation has dropped a lot due to laziness XD. Nevertheless, it has been a good time with those fellas of mine. We are in a group for a project and have so much fun as well as unlimited craziness for a whole day without sleeping. Despite of some tensions between us, everyone understands very well the situation we are having and eventually everyone accepts the challenge, hard work and result. All in all, that's why it is called a group.

Goodbye N70
    It has been by my side for whole three years and now it's a "sayonara" for it. In a middle of the night and out of no where I was awake and when I looked at it, it just suddenly went off. Trying to turn it on is useless. Removing the battery and reboot are also useless. Well, I do try to have it fixed at a shop but the cost is just directing your mind to "it's better to get a new one"...LOL...It's the chip. It's BURNED!! Why? Well, I can't answer you since I don't know as well. One of my guesses is maybe because of my violent treatment XD. Some other things have malfunctioned. First is the USB port which won't detect when it is connected to the PC Suite. The second is the broken lens of the front camera. Sounds terrible right? LOL...I guess so...

    So, what do I get to replace this "guy" ? At the moment, N8 is the first choice. It might have a lot of troubles as many people have complained but it's not too bad actually. One more thing is that it's not too pricey. Another consideration is 7 Mozart. It's a great phone with WP7 OS. At the moment, the OS it's not regarded as a promising one. But, it looks cool and simple. Anyway, it will be improved since Nokia has partnered with Microsoft, but it is too long to wait for the first real device...lol...Anyway, we will see how it goes. The choice might still change if I find decent one. And lastly, sorry N70...XD

Current Life
   So far so good I guess. Regardless of many up and down effects, this life still goes quite smooth...lol...It's is another year to finish my degree and after that another new decision is crucial for the future. But for now, it is good to enjoy everything. And yes, enjoy what I can enjoy before "2012"!!!. There are many prophecies of bad things in 2012. Including the end of the world itself. You know, it's because of the end of the Long Count of the Mayan Calender. Many people do believe it but some don't. However, there are some signs about this thing where the Earth has been "sick". Just look at the 8.9 earthquake that hits Japan. Indeed it is something as serious as hell. Well, at this moment the whole world is praying for Japan.
The Aims...
    For this term, hard work is unavoidable for the final achievements. And what are the expected achievements? Good result of course...lol... That is the main priority on top of the other highest priority XD. Another thing is hoping for a new device for communication...lol... You know what it is :p. Even though it does not need hard work but it's important to have one. Besides that, a wish to finish a project for the future. At the moment, the first stage is done, but the next stage is the challenge and it will be a very arduous one. Yet, once it is done, it will be paid off by a decent satisfaction. And last but not the least. What about a soul mate? lol... That is a hard one but if there is a chance, then there will be trial XD.
     This is the real passion of footballers. When they fall so deep in the first half, they know something is not right and they gotta do something about it in order to get up and try to win the match. This is what AS Roma had done last night in Stadio Olimpico Roma. Going down by 2-0 in the first had certainly crashed the whole team's mentally. Despite of thinking about giving up the game, they gave their all for a chance to reopen the game as that was the crucial game to have their way to the last 16. What an unfortunate moment that I couldn't watch it live because of the heavy duties along with a test, project, and reports. Anyway, turning a deficit of 2 goals is certainly a miraculous thing. More over it was "The Bavarian" we are talking about. Even though they have not done so good in Bundesliga, but they are still the biggest team in Germany.

     Anyway, the one to be proud of is the Frenchman, Jeremy Menez, which had been outstanding recently. He has started to get into his best form match by match. The credit also goes to Marco Borriello that had scored an unorthodox finish in the game. Regardless of everything, Roma is getting better and better now compared to the disastrous opening in Serie A. Hopefully this team will get some silverwares this season. Foza Roma!!!
    Well, this is the first since almost half a year. This is bad and this is quite bad actually. LOL...There is a lot of time for this and that and everything demands to be the first. That's why there is no time for this one anymore. Sorry, now is the best time to fill this empty space again before a crazy time of university starts to be like a hell once again,,,lol,,, Well, how should I start it? There are things from here to there and this to that. Some are quite hard to explain as well (-_-"" what??). Well, to make it easier I will separate them into several stories but just a short one for each and maybe I need to put a title for each (-_-? that's weird).

Another Season Has Ended

    Yeah, that was another season and that was a bad one actually, things didn't go so well and this and that were bad...lol...and the result? Unfortunately the expected one is unlucky and fortunately the unexpected one is lucky. Sounds confusing is it? Yeah it is, but digest it slowly and you will get what I mean by that sentence...LOL...But there was some good moment as well when you hit the limit when everything went so wrong. Going stress, mad and finally blind. Those things certainly come first but after that when things slowly getting better and the stress was released (although not all), it was a really beautiful time to relax for a while...lol. That was what I can describe for one hell season of studying. It probably sounded so bad but indeed that was the worst I think,,,lol,,,


    It was never like a holiday this time. Sigh. However, there was nothing to blame on actually...lol. It was just a small accident from the past that caused a crack in my meniscus. I never discovered it but I actually knew there was something wrong and it had to undergo a surgery and at the end the doctor helped to clarify everything. It was because of that surgery so that I had to rest for a month (damn it -_-) and couldn't do sport for half a year (wtf O.o). I actually planned to play badminton and joined the futsal competition on this holiday time but..sigh...hell no...it was over just like that. (what a pity guy -_-). Well, sadly I couldn't do anything but to follow what the doctor suggested then. Take a full rest everyday and finally go for the therapy, those two activities were wasting time. I mean it wasted really a lot of time (-_- I know I know). Well, I couldn't be more stupid if I just took a rest everyday and sat like President Roosevelt statue in Night at The Museum. It was like a time for revenge when I took my laptop and downloaded all the nice games and movies. Yeah,,I killed my time by watching and playing all the new movies and games...lol...smart enough for a temporary disabled person like me (-_-"). Anyway, that part was quite a good experience actually, especially because it didn't happen everyday or every month (just hope it don't stupid O.o).

Here is The Nice Part

    After the therapy everything had been under control now. Everything was almost back to normal and it was time to travel (finally >,<). Well, it was not a far place and not a new place for me. It just that I had my complete family to travel with. Parents are always the special one right? lol...that was quite right. Last time was different because my parents were not with me but this time they were here. That was really a tiring time when we had to walk here and there to take a bus or train but at the end of the day it was always fun but really tiring. Although it was only for several days but that was good, at least for not a really good time like this (surgery problem again -_-""").

A New Season?

    It was so fast, wasn't it? I mean the time..lol...sigh..yes,a new season had started for almost a week and there was no any preparation for it yet. But, it is too late now...lol...the gate has been opened and I'm forced to go inside and mix with others. Well, looking at the feng shui for this time, it will be crazily tough I think since I have to meet a professor which can barely remember a student's name every week (is it that bad O.o??) Moreover I was almost killed by him last time, but I hope he won't remember at least my face and I wish he will never remember it so that I can always escape from him...lol..(damn you ~,~). Anyway,  hopefully this season will be much better than the previous one although this one is guaranteed to be much more than hell as well. lol,,,
    That's all I can tell, for the rest and for the many unknown things that you are wondering...I can't tell more than that because of some reasons. :) Anyway I will try to have more time to fill this empty space on the new page again and of course my gallery (if you can -_-"") and one more last thing, I will not update the manga that I'm following anymore since my favourite manga website has stopped posting new chapter of all comics so sorry about that...:)
     What a game from AS Roma as they have just beaten the leagues leader in Serie A, Inter Milan. It is so unbelievable exciting when you watch your team win the biggest match. Yes, this game will probably be the best game of the year in Serie A!! LOL What a match!! Now the gap between the top two teams is only 1 point. Although Inter is still leading at the moment but 1 point is nothing as there are 7 games left only for this season.
     No one will bet their whole bunch of money for AS Roma after seeing the first two matches in this season as they lost heavily to their opponents. Besides that, they had lost 5 matches in just 10 games and they were forced to stay near the red zone (last 3 teams in the rank). That was probably the end of their scudetto (the Italian football champions) hunt for this season. However, Ranieri, the coach, has brought them back alive once again and it's hard to believe that they are the top contender of the scudetto now...LOL...It's such an amazing view in the current standings as they sit nicely on the second place...LOL...By winning this game against Inter, the chance to win the scudetto is in front of their eyes now.
     Hopefully they can maintain their good performance until the end of the season because this will be the first time for me to see my favourite team wins the title...LOL...I have been one of their fanatics fans since 2001!! One decade is such a long time and it's very near now for the first time,,,lol...As their il capitano Francesco Totti said, "Professionalism, passion, technique and heart". These are the things they need to win. Here is the highlight of this scudetto showdown against Inter. Enjoy...:) Forza Roma!!!