That was the end...lol...Watching the fascinating Gundam Seed for two days is so much fun. Start from the very first episode until the last, 50th episode. Such a great movie!!! Watching them desperately fighting in a war which will determine the future of the humanity, it's just make me remember how the World War was like. It's really hard to make your choice when it has come to a war when every side is fighting to reach their victory. Neither side will want to lose. Only a winner will triumph at the end.
     This movie is really great!! It's just so awesome. More over, it's full of nice advices and many wise words that can change human's feeling. Even though it's just an anime movie and it's not real, at least it has some good things as lessons to give for those who are watching it.

    Next it will be this new chapter. Gundam Seed Destiny. I wonder how long I can finish this one...lol...

    There it is. Finally, it's complete after 14 hours of hardworking. The smile comes after the piece complete the whole thing...lol... It's the picture puzzle that I'm talking about. I had ever tried several pictures already before this but this one is just damn hard. Since there are a lot of people inside and most of the colors are quite dark so it's hard to arrange it. Anyway, 14 hours is quite a long time but finally it's complete as well...lol... It's such a nice picture, isn't it? Especially for Final Fantasy fans of course...lol...
    It's the box there with the complete picture.
    Here is the final touch for it. Another nice collection on the wall...:)
    That's the zoomed picture. It's quite dark and that is the challenge when arranging them.

     Well, it has been a long time since the last time I saw this page. Being busy all the time was not a good moment to enjoy. Back then, a lot of assignment and things had to be done and one more thing is to get the preparation for the final exam. That was like a hell -__-. Well, everything is already over and not a single thing has been easy so far, especially the HC12 exam. It was really cracking this head to the maximum heat it could reach in 3 hours. When that 3 hours 'hell' was over, it was like born to have a new life once again. Well, until now that event is still fresh in this head and it won't go anywhere until I really amnesia I think.
     After those crazy stuff in study, finally holiday was the next thing and I traveled back to my hometown. Actually, there is not much thing to do as well there. I just spend most of my time to search for my lovely food around there. Well, let me show you some of them, here they are.
    This is what we call as yiam kwe tiaw. It tastes very good, especially the meat.
    KCKT or keng ci kwe tiaw. It's almost the same as cha kwe tiaw but there is just no meat at all inside. It's like kwe tiaw for vegetarian.
     This one is super good. I love this one so much. Nasi Padang, that's how we name it. It's really a lot once i buy this one. Just see the food, there is perkedel, bakwan, taro leaves, tempe and roast chicken. The taste is as good as the price as well, it's quite expensive this one.
     This on is called martabak telur. The box is cute, isn't it? Let's see what is inside.
     That looks nice,right? On the left one is the main thing. it's fried and inside it contains beef eggs and some other things which make the flavour taste so damn good. On the right side it's the extra dish. It's cucumber with chili.
     There are several types for this food and the price is different as well. This is the special type with the most expensive price but...well, I always get it for free because of some reasons :p....lol....

    Well, those are something from my hometown. There is not much nice places to go around actually so, I don't really go hanging around. Nothing special as well with the city there. One thing I like from my hometown is, sometimes we can see beautiful full moon before the sky turns to dark and it's quite a nice view.

     Time, you are running faster and faster each day. How could you pass everything just in seconds? Is that so easy for you to get it over in minutes? You only give 60 minutes in an hour and that is definitely not enough!! Can you just stop for a while? or at least you can slow everything down...just by a little? Maybe if you could reverse everything,,,it would be better now...
    It was time for Moon Cake Festival on last Saturday. Here, there was one place here where people always come to gather and make some light at night annually. They didn't bring torch or burn something to make the light, but they had lanterns to light their way to see the moon, which was in full shape or we called as lunar eclipse.
    Pass through this huge gate and you would see where the colorful light was flying around under the brightness of the moon.
    Here was the colorful light that i mean. It was a traditional way for some chinese who wanted to celebrate this Moon Cake Festival. Maybe the moon was big bright enough but with these colors it would be more complete to light the night.
    They were beautiful, weren't they? Well, its better to get one for myself :)
    Well, here was the seller. Let's get a nice one.
   Here, I had a bloody red one with some grass picture...lol.
    and another one, pink color. A lovely one. Do you like it? :)
    Every family was enjoying this event. It was not children are playing this lantern, but parents as well. Look at how the parents enjoy tyhe night with their children. They were happy as a family.
    Everyone was enjoying it. No matter you were old or young, you had to join and celebrate this night for the moon. As family or friends, there were no difference at all.
    As the night was getting darker, the were more and more people light up their lanterns. More colors to light up the night.
    They arranged and hung them on trees such a way so that they make a beautiful scene.
    The night was filled with colors. It was a rare scene that can be witnessed for a long time.
    Unfortunately the lanterns would not last too long. It was not as eternal as the moon light. When the candles are finished, the lanterns would be burnt by the fire since they are made of paper. Unless, you have a lantern with LED instead of candle, then this thing won't happen. Look at the left side of the man near the tree, one of his lantern was already in fire...lol...
   Some had even better idea. They brought some fireworks to play.
    It was bright even to light the surrounding. Everyone was paying attention to firework when there is one.
    Despite all the colorful light around the surrounding area, i still like moon the most. It was as beautiful as ever. The only one that will always light the night.
you are as beauty as ever at the sky
even though you are covered
by the darkness of the night
and you are lonely far from these eyes
there will always be one
to accompany and try to erase
your loneliness

that night, he brought one with himself
and one for you as well
with your favourite color
do you see it?
do you feel it?
will you remember it?

     Look at this one. It has eight legs with an incredible size to live in a house. First time I saw it I thought it was just something black stick on the wall. It was already 12 something, so I didn't care so much. However, when I just took a closer look I realized that I was not alone there!! There is something with eight legs lives in this house and the size is big one!!
    This is how it looks like!! Take a good look at it.
    It's not that I never saw this kind of thing before, but it's the size that surprises me. I can describe the size is approximately as big as a green apple if you measure the diameter from one of the leg to the end of the opposite one but I bet you are not crazy enough to do that...lol...
    Well, unfortunately I couldn't let it run freely in my house as it will be a threat for others as well. I won't think about turning into a spiderman because of it. I was still awake even though it was almost 1 AM and I knew I don't dream about being spiderman also. So, spontaneously my magic broom just flew automatically to kill it and it was dead.
     Well, I didn't expect to take its life but too bad for it. It met a DemonD and he became the death angle for itself. Anyway, I took care of its body well enough. I just buried it inside the green barrel in front of my house. It's maybe a bit smelly there but never mind. Someone else will remove the body soon...with a truck...lol...

Time...It's a destined fact that can't be
avoided. It runs along with human's life
and human can only flow with it. No m
atter how it goes, human will always fe
                 el it. Time does
                 not always give
                 good things. It's                       ever lets us know w
                 giving trouble, li                       hen it will come and
                 miting my move                       go. This time has gi       
                 s and sometime                              ven me so
                 s it's giving pain.                             mething w                      n poured heavily into
                 It often happens                              hich is fille                     this body and leaves
                 where human wi                              d with horr                    
                 ll only wait to let                       ible taste for at leas
                 everything recov                        t two weeks. That h
                 ers by itself. It n                       orrible taste has bee

hopeless feeling.            Those two weeks
have given me so          mething more than
hell. All I can do is       to give this body so
me treatment and le    t it takes a full rest f
or several days. 24 hours is just not sufficie
nt to pass a day. The limitation is the natur
e of time. We flow in it without having ideas
of what it will sho w us n ow, tomorrow or  f            e of everything. As many people
ture. Wait is alwa  ys th  e first choice for u            said, "Time is important, so app
s. As what I did t    o th   is body during tho           reciate it. "
se two weeks wh     e      re I let it lay on m           It doesn't go like that f
y bed and wait fo             r it to recover. I al           or everyone. Time is ki
so aware that wa             it is the worst  thi           ling. No matter what w
ng ever. However             , time forces us  t           e do, it kee
o wait as time ke             eps all the secret           ps on following and gives limitati
for the future.  Ti              me is the main lin          on. Time is not friendly and time    i  s  e  n  e  m  y.

     It's a whole day energy to spend for today. My aunties, niece and nephew came here suddenly and asked me to accompany them to hang around, it really costs all of my energy for that. Starting from 8.30 am I just had to wake up so early and reached somewhere to do my stuff until around 1.30 pm. Then, the next round is to accompany my aunties. Bringing them to a nice place to eat and some malls to hang around for shopping as well. They really walked nonstop from a place to another and I just felt dizzy after accompanying for several hours. At the end of today, we went to a nice seafood center to eat. That place was just awesome. Even though the place was not really nice, but the food was just so damn nice.
     That was the best part that I enjoy a lot...:p... We really ate a lot then and each of us was so damn full. That was the best dinner in this year. Anyway, today is the last day for them since they will go back to their country tomorrow. Regardless it's only one day to have fun, they just felt so happy for today. Well, hope they will come again next time..lol...Wishing them safe trip for tomorrow...That's for today people, these few days were just so tiring for my whole body. I just need to take more rest. Ok, going to bed now...see you people...

    This is a big game between the FOUR different players. Each of them possesses different skills in order to win this game. The main intention of each player is to kill each other and let them get the negative points as much as possible. Doing that will make the losers stress and go crazy. However, that is the main thing, it's not easy...Hahaha...
    The first blow in the game is, before the cards are spread in this very first round, there has been an insult from the first player here, the EMBR. The insult means challenge!! When the challenge comes to you, what will you do?? Accept it and prove him wrong!! So, let the game begins and see what will happen.
    It's time to be a kid once again as I used to playing this "LEGO" toy when I was still 3 or 4. However, this time is not about building something stupid, funny or simple. It's a flying structure which is not standing on the floor. It's not really flying actually but the idea is not to let it touches the floor. One more challenge is to make the smallest support for it. Maybe it looks simple but it's really challenging and it really spins your head when you build it from nothing. It's finished in a day and  the result is not bad...Hahaha... This is just to kill my spare time actually but it's fun.
    These first two pictures show the complete thing.