This is the very first story after a while. Yet, in this new season I expect to have more time to write something here :p. Anyway, another new semester has begun. It's the third week now and it's almost over. This is only the first week for me since I miss the first two weeks due to some job. So, there is a lot to catch up and because the study time has been reduced to twelve weeks "only" in this semester, rush hour is required at this moment...LOL...

     So, what are the interesting stories to tell here? Hhmmm...There are a lot to tell actually but let's keep it short...

Last Semester?
    The result is not as good as expected but has been anticipated very possibility of getting that result has been in my mind before the exam because the motivation has dropped a lot due to laziness XD. Nevertheless, it has been a good time with those fellas of mine. We are in a group for a project and have so much fun as well as unlimited craziness for a whole day without sleeping. Despite of some tensions between us, everyone understands very well the situation we are having and eventually everyone accepts the challenge, hard work and result. All in all, that's why it is called a group.

Goodbye N70
    It has been by my side for whole three years and now it's a "sayonara" for it. In a middle of the night and out of no where I was awake and when I looked at it, it just suddenly went off. Trying to turn it on is useless. Removing the battery and reboot are also useless. Well, I do try to have it fixed at a shop but the cost is just directing your mind to "it's better to get a new one"...LOL...It's the chip. It's BURNED!! Why? Well, I can't answer you since I don't know as well. One of my guesses is maybe because of my violent treatment XD. Some other things have malfunctioned. First is the USB port which won't detect when it is connected to the PC Suite. The second is the broken lens of the front camera. Sounds terrible right? LOL...I guess so...

    So, what do I get to replace this "guy" ? At the moment, N8 is the first choice. It might have a lot of troubles as many people have complained but it's not too bad actually. One more thing is that it's not too pricey. Another consideration is 7 Mozart. It's a great phone with WP7 OS. At the moment, the OS it's not regarded as a promising one. But, it looks cool and simple. Anyway, it will be improved since Nokia has partnered with Microsoft, but it is too long to wait for the first real, we will see how it goes. The choice might still change if I find decent one. And lastly, sorry N70...XD

Current Life
   So far so good I guess. Regardless of many up and down effects, this life still goes quite's is another year to finish my degree and after that another new decision is crucial for the future. But for now, it is good to enjoy everything. And yes, enjoy what I can enjoy before "2012"!!!. There are many prophecies of bad things in 2012. Including the end of the world itself. You know, it's because of the end of the Long Count of the Mayan Calender. Many people do believe it but some don't. However, there are some signs about this thing where the Earth has been "sick". Just look at the 8.9 earthquake that hits Japan. Indeed it is something as serious as hell. Well, at this moment the whole world is praying for Japan.
The Aims...
    For this term, hard work is unavoidable for the final achievements. And what are the expected achievements? Good result of That is the main priority on top of the other highest priority XD. Another thing is hoping for a new device for You know what it is :p. Even though it does not need hard work but it's important to have one. Besides that, a wish to finish a project for the future. At the moment, the first stage is done, but the next stage is the challenge and it will be a very arduous one. Yet, once it is done, it will be paid off by a decent satisfaction. And last but not the least. What about a soul mate? lol... That is a hard one but if there is a chance, then there will be trial XD.


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