This is a very late one. Well...can't be blamed because of business in this week. Progressing with a lot of calculation which are almost 15 pages in total with three different methods. The first method is done quite easily because it's something that I'm familiar with already. Whereas the second is referred to other people's method. It is in fact an interesting one but it took me sometime to figure out how it actually works. Lastly is the third one, given by my own supervisor. "I use this during my Ph.D" that's what he told It's cool and very interesting but somehow there is something missing when I go with that approach. At the end just can't get the solution and that's boring. But no worries! There is backup from the previous method that I had done before. It actually gives some convincing solution. It's not 100% confirmed yet due to lack of graphical simulation but soon I will find it out.

     Just unlucky that the Solidworks went crazy, otherwise things will be easier by now. This morning this laptop had just been formatted again to get rid of the mess up registry in the previous one. Hopefully with this new 64bit, things will get better. Further suspension in the work will give more headache and tension in a few coming weeks. As week 7 is approaching, it will be a heavy duty weeks from now. Gotta be steady and keep on working hard.



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