I have been waiting for 3 weeks just to get this thing done...lol...My timetable!! There was a bit problem at the beginning of the new semester as I had a clash between 2 subjects. So I went to amend 1 of the subjects and yet I checked the wrong time for that particular subject. Unfortunately that I directly submitted it as soon as I finished filling the form. After a few days only I realized this thing and as soon as I got the response from the staff, I instantly made another amendment once again. The officer must have thought that I was doing this for fun or what XD.

    Anyway, after filling another amendment form I was so relieved. I wait for 3 days. Another 3 days. Eventually another 1 week!! Why I don't see any changes in my subject list. Then I went to the office to find the one who is in charge for this. After that, they found out that I had filled the wrong column in the form!!! LOL..Instead of filling the "Subjects to withdrawn" column, I filled "Subjects to add" column. That was unbelievably true. Eventually, the hardest part is that I was asked to write a letter for my lecturer and the subject convenor for this problem. I was lucky enough not to get scolded by them. Anyway, that is a good lesson. As everything is at the right path now, the time for this season is settled as well...lol...




03/21/2011 01:03

good article so good for use time ...

03/21/2011 07:21

haha...thanks for that...

03/28/2011 18:59

ops u gonna have a busy days after this :O

04/04/2011 03:05

what is HET386 and HES5250?
your time is so pack o....how come your C&A lab 3 hours..so long..ours 2 hours only...and 4 times per sem. what bout you?


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