That was the end...lol...Watching the fascinating Gundam Seed for two days is so much fun. Start from the very first episode until the last, 50th episode. Such a great movie!!! Watching them desperately fighting in a war which will determine the future of the humanity, it's just make me remember how the World War was like. It's really hard to make your choice when it has come to a war when every side is fighting to reach their victory. Neither side will want to lose. Only a winner will triumph at the end.
     This movie is really great!! It's just so awesome. More over, it's full of nice advices and many wise words that can change human's feeling. Even though it's just an anime movie and it's not real, at least it has some good things as lessons to give for those who are watching it.

    Next it will be this new chapter. Gundam Seed Destiny. I wonder how long I can finish this one...lol...



07/06/2010 01:28

hello! how was the <a href="http://www.meegoh.com">Gundam Seed Destiny</a>, i'm pretty sure you have a lot to tell!


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