This is such a general problem that always happens to any men in this universe. Why and what are the reasons? Somebody said because man doesn't good enough to provide anything for her,"I have to earn more money to make her feels happy". This is because of money obviously. Another may say because his girl doesn't give him more time,"Why it's only 24 hours a day? It's not enough for me!" Time has limited men's effort to prove everything to women. Two of these are usually the main problems for men but of course women can't just accept those simple reasons. It's a disaster for men because men can't just simply convincing women as well.
     Well, that's really a serious problem for men. Women should consider a little bit more when the reasons come to money and time. Time and money, how are they related so that women always become a problem for men? Well, maybe words can't explain it as well. Here is what I found. Maybe this is something that can prove to women so they know why it's hard to deal with them. This is not to offend women, this is just simply to show for those who really don't understand the reasons why. Anyway, scientific really solves it for women only and this is something that even Albert Eisntein couldn't solve when he is still exist!!



08/12/2009 06:25

women not equal to money la.... if women equal to the money in the relationship, it is not true love already lo......

08/12/2009 06:44

hehehe... i have seen this equation in ages ago. xD

08/12/2009 19:47

haa.. AGREE.. >.< better my gf ddint see i post this here.. XD

08/12/2009 23:39

haih... if I replace all the woman with man and man with woman in this calculation, I will end up with, man = problem!!!
Should generalize to a human is a problem to its opposite sex being, haha!!!

08/13/2009 07:51

too much of additional maths already!!

08/13/2009 18:25

@qingtian : some have problem with women because of money, so that they must equalize women to money.
@james : wew...better not to let her know this website
@Vyz : it's impossible to replace the women with men since this problem is almost 100% happen to women and human is not the problem here...
@hitomi : science makes it real. Using this method to prove means everything is clear...According to all scientist, everything must be proven black on white...:p


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