What a tough day it is. Sleeping for more than 8 hours is still not enough for recharging my energy. Maybe I have done too much in these few days. Anyway, today is ended by watching the famous District 9. Well, this is a kind of unique movie.
     As you can see in the picture, this movie is about alien. In the movie you will see that the human are living with the alien but they are separated. The alien are living in an isolated area which they finally named it District 9. This movie is really showing what will happen when the real alien come to earth and live in our earth. Human just can't accept them because they are totally different in everything. Well, this movie is just for adult or 18+ only. Children are strictly not allowed to watch this since there are so many violence scenes. I have a warning for girls that you must prepare your eyes to watch this as there are so many disgusting thing inside (I don't try to scare you...lol). Anyway, for me this one is quite boring. It's a type of documentary film. The story is just not really nice at the beginning, so I was sleepy then. The ending part is the only best part where the main character controlling the robot.
     I don't say it's a bad one. It's just quite boring in the beginning but still it's worthy to watch it. The animation is nice for this movie and i like some of the stuffs like the alien weapons, they are cool. Anyway, I still give a thumbnail up for it since it's a unique film. Well, all ends here. These eyes are half-opened actually. Going to bed now.....

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08/21/2009 21:01

Me think so too! not really an action movie nor horror movie. It made me yawn.
i think the violence part is so so only... and i don't see any climax or touching scene~

08/22/2009 00:22

yeah,,u r right..we have the same opinion,,haha,,,I was also sleepy during then...almost fell asleep,,lol,,,,now I'm waiting for Surrogates...don't miss that one,,hehe...

08/22/2009 05:22

Surrogates? About what deh? Horror movie?

08/22/2009 11:09

hmm,,,have u ever watched i-robot?? it's something like that. not a horror movie,,,he,,,i think u won't regret to watch that one,,he


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