It's a whole day energy to spend for today. My aunties, niece and nephew came here suddenly and asked me to accompany them to hang around, it really costs all of my energy for that. Starting from 8.30 am I just had to wake up so early and reached somewhere to do my stuff until around 1.30 pm. Then, the next round is to accompany my aunties. Bringing them to a nice place to eat and some malls to hang around for shopping as well. They really walked nonstop from a place to another and I just felt dizzy after accompanying for several hours. At the end of today, we went to a nice seafood center to eat. That place was just awesome. Even though the place was not really nice, but the food was just so damn nice.
     That was the best part that I enjoy a lot...:p... We really ate a lot then and each of us was so damn full. That was the best dinner in this year. Anyway, today is the last day for them since they will go back to their country tomorrow. Regardless it's only one day to have fun, they just felt so happy for today. Well, hope they will come again next them safe trip for tomorrow...That's for today people, these few days were just so tiring for my whole body. I just need to take more rest. Ok, going to bed now...see you people...



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