Well, I was damn starving just now. Approximately 01.00 AM I went down to find something to eat. The only food I was thinking is noddle then, so I grabbed 2 packages of instant noodle. But it's quite unfortunately, the noodle that I have are only 5 packages and each was different in taste. No problem, I just grabbed two that had almost the same taste and mixed them together. I didn't what it will be like later. Anyway, I'm too starving and surely any food will taste delicious. Hahaha...In addition, two eggs were required for this one. It's my tradition to add two eggs...lol. In 10 minutes, it's finished and...

    it ended up like this. Mixed of 2 different tastes of instant noodle with 2 eggs and Guiness (it's just mineral water).
     Well, before I enjoy the noodle, there was something strange. At the moment when I poured the noodle into the bowl, I felt there is a black shadow passed outside the window. In a second I looked up and tried to see what the hell that thing was but there was nothing. Then when I was about to pour the noodle once again, it happened again then again I looked up and stared quite long to wait for that thing. However, it didn't show up once again. It was quite obvious about the shadow but I just ignored it.
     After that, I enjoyed the mixed noodle and it was really quite strange. Hahaha...My teeth started shaking!! What the hell was that...I was just confused how come it made my teeth shake. Actually, it's not really bad. Maybe it's because of the reaction of 2 different spices. During the happy supper time, once again I saw the moving shadow and now it was beside me!! What the?? I tried to see the moving shadow but I always too late to see when it still moving. I didn't what that thing is. What I know was, I was damn starving and I won't stop eating until my food finished just because of that thing. Maybe if you were me, it will be scary and the worst case is you just leave your food and go back to sleep. But, my problem then is, I dare to bet that I was much more starving than he/she (the shadow)!! So that I just couldn't leave my noodle and let he/she took it (but I didn't know what he/she wanted to eat, maybe my noodle or me). Anyway, I manage to finished everything without any disturbance from the shadow anymore after about 5 minutes later. It was quite an experience but it's ok since it didn't really disturb me. Thanks for reading people, feeling sleepy now. Story ends here.


07/23/2009 16:42

Wo... are you trying to say that your house is haunted?!?!

07/23/2009 20:03

I would like to try your noodle dude. Did you feel stomachache after eating? Hahaha....

07/23/2009 20:44

@ Vyz : i'm not sure, but i think it's ok since there was nothing happen before...maybe "they" are just roaming outside my house...

@ Max : no I didn't...It was quite tasty actually but a little bit weird as well...Hahaha...

07/23/2009 21:14

Hahaha maybe its just your eyebrows or something. I scare myself with such shadows all the time. =D

07/23/2009 22:38

I don't think so because the shadow is quite big and so dark...lol..man...you scared of everything, even horror movie :p

07/24/2009 08:10

how the noodle taste like ?
what flavour u mix together o ?

07/24/2009 09:37

it's a little bit weird but not really bad...the flavour? it's instant noodle,,so I just put everything which are inside the package already.

07/26/2009 07:49

Aha...that's freaky ><...

08/22/2009 23:56

hehe, any diaorrhea after that?


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