Wake up early before 7 AM really makes me sleepy today and the cold weather does make it even worse. At this moment while I'm writing this post, I still feel the same thing, sleepy!! What happen? Don't have enough sleep? I think less than 6 hours. Too tired? Of course. Feeling lazy? Absolutely. Hahaha...Never mind, I will sleep soon as well. Today will be ended by posting this "Sleepy Day" and watching One Piece 409, which is the latest episode. This is the funniest episode I think. This anime really makes me crazy and laugh 'til the end. Well, good night people. I'm damn tired and sleepy. Need to recharge my battery for tomorrow.

Tuesday 14/07/09
11.30 PM
Status : Busy (sleeping)
P.M : Leave your message...I'm sleeping...=.=)



07/17/2009 09:33

nice ph0t0 =)

07/17/2009 16:10

thanks,,,hehe :)


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