Well, this video is a very good one. I found it accidentally in youtube while looking for something. Try to watch this video and you will understand why it's entitled illusion or hallucination. This guy (the drawer) is  absolutely a creative guy. Even though he only draws cartoon and they seem easy, but the few starting steps that he makes are the wonderful things here. It seems that he draws an illusion and it does change people's mind about the drawing. However, it's not the drawing but our mind have been cheated and start thinking about "something" else (it happens to you as well, doesn't it? :p). Well, it's a funny thing actually, but it contains serious meaning ^o^. It's an illusion from the picture? or it's our hallucination about "something"? You choose...:p



07/07/2009 22:35

goodness me. the dick and the pussy became something else! lol

07/08/2009 02:13

That's right..it's cool isn't it?? :p

09/17/2010 19:39

The reason I know this and you don't is because I'm younger and pure. So I'm more in touch with cosmic forces.《Sleepless in Seattle》


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