What the hell is wrong with the electricity today??? The current stopped for 3 times for about a second and this whole house was in darkness for a second and only in a second without current, my computer was  totally dead!! For the first time, I thought it was ok and no body complained as well, so it was a normal incident. When the second time came, I started thinking this is weird and one person in my house come to ask me, "Was your computer dead as well just now?". Of course I answered yes. Then I thought, just let it be. Things that happened for 2 times is still considered as normal.

     After 30 minutes, damn it!! It happened again!! For the third time my computer was dead again!! Then I went out from my room and now people were gathering outside and asking each other!! "What happened?? How can it be like this??" And what do you think about what I was thinking then? The SESCO staffs were playing the buttons for supplying the current, damn it!! I think they were thinking about having a discotheque!! Anyway, I'm tired of this. I cancel to continue drawing for tonight. 3 times are enough, I won't go for the 4th time and my computer won't last for the 5th time I think. If by a chance it goes for the 6th time, I will say good bye and bury my DELL. Now, it's better to turn off everything. By the way, that is a shot that I manage to get in during the 1 second in the darkness. Good night =.= people.



07/21/2009 01:29

haha, those people..==
thank god your computer didn't got affected

07/21/2009 02:02

hahas .. the pic s0 cute xD

07/21/2009 03:53

i tot is the electricity probs...didnt expect is man do tis...

07/21/2009 07:06

@ Fairytale Beliver : haha,,yes,,,,I wonder how do I get a new com if this one is dead...

@ Quincy : thanks,,,

@ Flo : Ya,,,I hope so...Hope it won't happen again...


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