It was time for Moon Cake Festival on last Saturday. Here, there was one place here where people always come to gather and make some light at night annually. They didn't bring torch or burn something to make the light, but they had lanterns to light their way to see the moon, which was in full shape or we called as lunar eclipse.
    Pass through this huge gate and you would see where the colorful light was flying around under the brightness of the moon.
    Here was the colorful light that i mean. It was a traditional way for some chinese who wanted to celebrate this Moon Cake Festival. Maybe the moon was big bright enough but with these colors it would be more complete to light the night.
    They were beautiful, weren't they? Well, its better to get one for myself :)
    Well, here was the seller. Let's get a nice one.
   Here, I had a bloody red one with some grass
    and another one, pink color. A lovely one. Do you like it? :)
    Every family was enjoying this event. It was not children are playing this lantern, but parents as well. Look at how the parents enjoy tyhe night with their children. They were happy as a family.
    Everyone was enjoying it. No matter you were old or young, you had to join and celebrate this night for the moon. As family or friends, there were no difference at all.
    As the night was getting darker, the were more and more people light up their lanterns. More colors to light up the night.
    They arranged and hung them on trees such a way so that they make a beautiful scene.
    The night was filled with colors. It was a rare scene that can be witnessed for a long time.
    Unfortunately the lanterns would not last too long. It was not as eternal as the moon light. When the candles are finished, the lanterns would be burnt by the fire since they are made of paper. Unless, you have a lantern with LED instead of candle, then this thing won't happen. Look at the left side of the man near the tree, one of his lantern was already in
   Some had even better idea. They brought some fireworks to play.
    It was bright even to light the surrounding. Everyone was paying attention to firework when there is one.
    Despite all the colorful light around the surrounding area, i still like moon the most. It was as beautiful as ever. The only one that will always light the night.
you are as beauty as ever at the sky
even though you are covered
by the darkness of the night
and you are lonely far from these eyes
there will always be one
to accompany and try to erase
your loneliness

that night, he brought one with himself
and one for you as well
with your favourite color
do you see it?
do you feel it?
will you remember it?



10/05/2009 07:33

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11/25/2009 07:37

can! use hammer to break it lo hahaha

02/06/2010 19:18

A moonlit night
Sparing only the lanterns,
It's the only light.

-Asakuun Draconis

If I had known the date, I would have gone to the festival. I would have spent thousands of dollars if I could have gotten there on time...:(

As the demons in the night
flock to the moon
I am with them...
...are you?
For I am Asakuun Draconis,
The Demon Asakuun.

~Asakuun D.

09/17/2010 19:33

The reason I know this and you don't is because I'm younger and pure. So I'm more in touch with cosmic forces.《Sleepless in Seattle》


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