Look at this one. It has eight legs with an incredible size to live in a house. First time I saw it I thought it was just something black stick on the wall. It was already 12 something, so I didn't care so much. However, when I just took a closer look I realized that I was not alone there!! There is something with eight legs lives in this house and the size is big one!!
    This is how it looks like!! Take a good look at it.
    It's not that I never saw this kind of thing before, but it's the size that surprises me. I can describe the size is approximately as big as a green apple if you measure the diameter from one of the leg to the end of the opposite one but I bet you are not crazy enough to do that...lol...
    Well, unfortunately I couldn't let it run freely in my house as it will be a threat for others as well. I won't think about turning into a spiderman because of it. I was still awake even though it was almost 1 AM and I knew I don't dream about being spiderman also. So, spontaneously my magic broom just flew automatically to kill it and it was dead.
     Well, I didn't expect to take its life but too bad for it. It met a DemonD and he became the death angle for itself. Anyway, I took care of its body well enough. I just buried it inside the green barrel in front of my house. It's maybe a bit smelly there but never mind. Someone else will remove the body soon...with a truck...lol...

Time...It's a destined fact that can't be
avoided. It runs along with human's life
and human can only flow with it. No m
atter how it goes, human will always fe
                 el it. Time does
                 not always give
                 good things. It's                       ever lets us know w
                 giving trouble, li                       hen it will come and
                 miting my move                       go. This time has gi       
                 s and sometime                              ven me so
                 s it's giving pain.                             mething w                      n poured heavily into
                 It often happens                              hich is fille                     this body and leaves
                 where human wi                              d with horr                    
                 ll only wait to let                       ible taste for at leas
                 everything recov                        t two weeks. That h
                 ers by itself. It n                       orrible taste has bee

hopeless feeling.            Those two weeks
have given me so          mething more than
hell. All I can do is       to give this body so
me treatment and le    t it takes a full rest f
or several days. 24 hours is just not sufficie
nt to pass a day. The limitation is the natur
e of time. We flow in it without having ideas
of what it will sho w us n ow, tomorrow or  f            e of everything. As many people
ture. Wait is alwa  ys th  e first choice for u            said, "Time is important, so app
s. As what I did t    o th   is body during tho           reciate it. "
se two weeks wh     e      re I let it lay on m           It doesn't go like that f
y bed and wait fo             r it to recover. I al           or everyone. Time is ki
so aware that wa             it is the worst  thi           ling. No matter what w
ng ever. However             , time forces us  t           e do, it kee
o wait as time ke             eps all the secret           ps on following and gives limitati
for the future.  Ti              me is the main lin          on. Time is not friendly and time    i  s  e  n  e  m  y.