It's a whole day energy to spend for today. My aunties, niece and nephew came here suddenly and asked me to accompany them to hang around, it really costs all of my energy for that. Starting from 8.30 am I just had to wake up so early and reached somewhere to do my stuff until around 1.30 pm. Then, the next round is to accompany my aunties. Bringing them to a nice place to eat and some malls to hang around for shopping as well. They really walked nonstop from a place to another and I just felt dizzy after accompanying for several hours. At the end of today, we went to a nice seafood center to eat. That place was just awesome. Even though the place was not really nice, but the food was just so damn nice.
     That was the best part that I enjoy a lot...:p... We really ate a lot then and each of us was so damn full. That was the best dinner in this year. Anyway, today is the last day for them since they will go back to their country tomorrow. Regardless it's only one day to have fun, they just felt so happy for today. Well, hope they will come again next them safe trip for tomorrow...That's for today people, these few days were just so tiring for my whole body. I just need to take more rest. Ok, going to bed now...see you people...

    This is a big game between the FOUR different players. Each of them possesses different skills in order to win this game. The main intention of each player is to kill each other and let them get the negative points as much as possible. Doing that will make the losers stress and go crazy. However, that is the main thing, it's not easy...Hahaha...
    The first blow in the game is, before the cards are spread in this very first round, there has been an insult from the first player here, the EMBR. The insult means challenge!! When the challenge comes to you, what will you do?? Accept it and prove him wrong!! So, let the game begins and see what will happen.
    It's time to be a kid once again as I used to playing this "LEGO" toy when I was still 3 or 4. However, this time is not about building something stupid, funny or simple. It's a flying structure which is not standing on the floor. It's not really flying actually but the idea is not to let it touches the floor. One more challenge is to make the smallest support for it. Maybe it looks simple but it's really challenging and it really spins your head when you build it from nothing. It's finished in a day and  the result is not bad...Hahaha... This is just to kill my spare time actually but it's fun.
    These first two pictures show the complete thing.
     What a tough day it is. Sleeping for more than 8 hours is still not enough for recharging my energy. Maybe I have done too much in these few days. Anyway, today is ended by watching the famous District 9. Well, this is a kind of unique movie.
     As you can see in the picture, this movie is about alien. In the movie you will see that the human are living with the alien but they are separated. The alien are living in an isolated area which they finally named it District 9. This movie is really showing what will happen when the real alien come to earth and live in our earth. Human just can't accept them because they are totally different in everything. Well, this movie is just for adult or 18+ only. Children are strictly not allowed to watch this since there are so many violence scenes. I have a warning for girls that you must prepare your eyes to watch this as there are so many disgusting thing inside (I don't try to scare Anyway, for me this one is quite boring. It's a type of documentary film. The story is just not really nice at the beginning, so I was sleepy then. The ending part is the only best part where the main character controlling the robot.
     I don't say it's a bad one. It's just quite boring in the beginning but still it's worthy to watch it. The animation is nice for this movie and i like some of the stuffs like the alien weapons, they are cool. Anyway, I still give a thumbnail up for it since it's a unique film. Well, all ends here. These eyes are half-opened actually. Going to bed now.....

Computer is shutting down.....


System is off.........................

     This is such a general problem that always happens to any men in this universe. Why and what are the reasons? Somebody said because man doesn't good enough to provide anything for her,"I have to earn more money to make her feels happy". This is because of money obviously. Another may say because his girl doesn't give him more time,"Why it's only 24 hours a day? It's not enough for me!" Time has limited men's effort to prove everything to women. Two of these are usually the main problems for men but of course women can't just accept those simple reasons. It's a disaster for men because men can't just simply convincing women as well.
     Well, that's really a serious problem for men. Women should consider a little bit more when the reasons come to money and time. Time and money, how are they related so that women always become a problem for men? Well, maybe words can't explain it as well. Here is what I found. Maybe this is something that can prove to women so they know why it's hard to deal with them. This is not to offend women, this is just simply to show for those who really don't understand the reasons why. Anyway, scientific really solves it for women only and this is something that even Albert Eisntein couldn't solve when he is still exist!!

     Well, today is the first day of a new season. It's such a perfect day for this first new day. Starting with arranging the main schedule for this whole season which will go for 4 months. This new schedule with the perfect timing will be good and probably I can have a little bit free time to have fun. After finishing the schedule, the next is attending the meeting for the first 'case' under the new 'president' which is Lisa Yong, our master of HET232. Introducing us to this HET232 by telling us, "You should work very...very...very...very...very...very...hard." Anyway, what the hell did she mean with that 6 continuously veries? Well, that's a clue of meeting something like hell. So, I guess I should take this one seriously.
     At the end of this new day, G.I. JOE : The Rise of Cobra is entertaining my night. This movie is full of science things and they are really damn wonderful. The most unbelievable thing is the Nanomite which is a tiny robot in the incredible scale of nanometers. One of It's ability is it can eat everything from soft to super hard things like steel. This is such a super modern robot but harmful. Anyway, this movie is a MUST for all people to watch. Spending nine bucks and watch it and at the end you will regret nothing. The story is good as well and the animation is almost perfect, although some parts look quite fake but still, it's nice. One of the nice scene is when Duke and Ripcord chasing Baroness and Storm Shadow at the street, you will see the great movement like in Matrix movie.
     Well, this movie gets 5 stars plus two thumbs up from me. I have to say that you must not miss this one no matter what happen!! OK, enough... Good night people, feeling tire. Going to sleep now...-.-).

     This world is truly interesting, strange, funny, rare and weird. I accidentally found these pictures anyway. Check it out...
    What is this?? It's looked like a half-cooked lobster and it's alive!! This lobster is so rare that a person only has between a 1 in 50 million to 100 chance of capturing one. Actually it's not really half-cooked. The two different colors is due to a genetic mutation. The two sides the body developed independently with the red side having a lack of the blue pigment crustacyanin so that it causes this unique mutation.
    Do you wish to fly one day? Well, this girl is putting so much effort for that idea and this is the result. Instead of  flying by creating complicated machine, she prefers to install it on her head. Maybe this idea comes after she watched Doraemon can fly with the " flying bamboo".
     No, it's not. It's a special event to welcome the Sultans from all parts of Malaysia actually. This is such a good idea to have this kind of thing since it's really nice and attractive. Everyone came to this riverside only to watch this and finally it was really so crowded. I could even the hot aura because they were too many people there...Hahaha...However, it's not easy to get there. Since I came late, I had to walk quite far to reach the main spot. There was no more place to park anyway since half an hour before the event started but it's ok. This event was worthy to watch...Hahaha...Well, let me show you the ships...
    This was the first ship. It contained all the VVIP, the Sultans. I was wondering 1 thing, why was the protection not tight? (anyway, i'm not a terrorist, just wondering why since inside were the most important people for a country).
    There it was. The first one.